Recording Studio

Black and white photo of Studio SQ's Neve V1 recording console
Studio SQ is a San Francisco-based recording studio, deeply rooted in the arts and culture of that great city. The Bay Area has a strong and diverse recording community; something we support, providing the resources and experience needed to create honest, intriguing recordings.

Our staff of engineers, songwriters, and musicians have been involved with music and music production most of their lives. We place the emphasis on creativity and collaboration, acting as a crucial conduit between artists and listeners. Our design and ethos makes it a true creative space, letting you create great-sounding music at the top of your game, without distraction.

We’ve worked hard to make SQ a creative recording work space for artists to write and record music. Our 1,000 sq. ft. tracking space is one of the largest live rooms in the Bay Area. It produces natural, warm tones with a minimum of harsh reflections.  Our control room is a shrine to all things vintage analog, featuring a Neve V1 recording console and a variety of analog tape formats, along with the flexibility of Pro Tools HD. We are also proudly offers the Bay Area’s largest collection of vintage guitars, amps, keyboards, and analog synthesizers.

Studio SQ’s recording studio is located in the Mission Hill district of San Francisco (a few short blocks from the Mission and Potrero Hill). For questions or booking contact John Flores or Jeremy Rosenblum.